UNDERSTANDING ISLAM by Ed Decker (iPad/epub)

UNDERSTANDING ISLAM by Ed Decker (iPad/epub)
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On September 11, 2001, the United States was dealt a tragic blow when a group of terrorists-in the name of Islam-hijacked four passenger airliners and crashed them into select targets, killing thousands, and wounding thousands more. Americans coast to coast were shocked, outraged, and confused. It was a monumental wake up call for America and for all of Christianity.

It's time we stop kidding ourselves. Either we are dealing with a group of extremist radicals engaging in horrible deeds which extend beyond their faith, or Islam is a religion which breeds and incites its staunchest believers to act out the core tenets of its belief system.

Ed Decker has carefully researched and studied the issues, doctrines and practices of Islam. This booklet is an essential tool in understanding the times we live in as we face the challenge of an Islamic invasion that has now shattered the peace of America.

BW, 5 x 8, 44 pages

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