THE QUESTION OF FREEMASONRY by Ed Decker (Kindle/mobi)

THE QUESTION OF FREEMASONRY by Ed Decker (Kindle/mobi)
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If you are a pagan there is no problem being a Mason, because it’s a pagan society. The god they serve is a three headed deity called JaoBulOn. If you are a Christian, you have a problem. If your church is dying, if evangelism is a foreign word in your congregation, if there is discord within its ranks, if some small clique of people control the board and the decisions, check it out. The Masons may be in control and the Holy Spirit of God may be going to church down the street.

Masonry is one of the most volatile subjects in the Christian church today. Where did Masonry come from? Is it the fun fraternity they claim or is it the keeper of dark and hidden things?

Ed Decker has carefully researched and studied the issues, doctrines and practices of Freemasonry. This booklet is an essential tool in understanding the challenge of a pagan invasion that has infiltrated the core of Christianity itself.

BW, 5x8, 40 Pages

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