THE CITY OF FIRE by G.L. Hill (eBOOK - pdf)

THE CITY OF FIRE by G.L. Hill (eBOOK - pdf)
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Lynn, the beautiful daughter of a small town minister, is deeply troubled by the barrier which has come between her and her former playmate, Mark.

When Billy engages in a thoughtless prank in which Mark is mistaken for the son of a wealthy family, he is kidnapped and taken to a secluded house in the mountains.

But that same night, when the lover of Mark's friend Cherry is shot and killed, Mark is accused of the murder, and cannot prove an alibi. Billy is afraid to tell the truth, but he alone can save Mark from this black affair.

Will Lynn's faith be enough to bring strength and shine a beacon of light and truth onto Mark's most uncertain faith?

BW, 6x9, 304 Pages


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