SLUM ANGEL by G.L. Hill (eBOOK - pdf)

SLUM ANGEL by G.L. Hill (eBOOK - pdf)
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Homeless and roaming the back alleys of New York, Michael risks his life to save Starr Endicott -- an act that would change the course of his life.

Starr's grateful father sends him away to a fine school, where Michael has grown into a handsome, well-educated man. Now he is back in New York, intent on repaying his benefactor and helping the poor street kids who were his family.

One look at Starr and Michael is hopelessly in love again, but feeling unworthy, he vows not to pursue her -- until a vile and scheming suitor forces Michael to risk everything once more...

(Originally published as Lo! Michael...)

BW, 6x9, 324 Pages


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