REDEEMED & RESTORED By June Hesterly and Sandi Macintosh

REDEEMED & RESTORED By June Hesterly and Sandi Macintosh
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Redeemed & Restored is a collection of twelve spiritual autobiographies - from women like Kay Smith, Cathe Laurie, and Diane Coy - but really, it is the singular story of the power of an extraordinary God to rescue lives that have gone far adrift. Jesus Christ is the hero of every narrative and His glorious love and mercy come shining through every page.

The women whose lives are summarized in this book were central to the Jesus Movement revival of the 1970's. In this regard, Redeemed & Restored is a historical narrative detailing how God was at work in one of the most tumultuous times in twentieth-century American history. Weary travelers on life's road will be reminded that God is near to the brokenhearted and at work in the most chaotic of world events.

It is our hope that readers will be so filled with a sense of awe when they've turned the last page that they will be moved to record their own testimonies at the back of this thin volume, thus adding one more chapter to the everlasting redemption story.

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