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Islam is a major threat to the sovereignty of our nation. It is an evil and violent system, coming into America through doors held wide open by our own leaders in the government, our education system, and the private sector, and it is beginning to flex its strength across our land. 

The United States of America has been giving up its moral foundation for years, and we have become so politically correct and lax in our obedience to common sense that we have a weakened mindset. Our underbelly is soft, and the Islamists see it as an opportunity to move in on the Great Satan and bring it to its knees. They are not here to assimilate, but to bring their lifestyle and customs to America with an expectation for us to assimilate with them.

This is a bold charge, but its truth is evident.

In Crescent Moon Rising: The Islamic Invasion of America, author, speaker and apologist Ed Decker presents a hard-hitting exposé on the true nature and intent of Islam, it’s turbulent and aggressive history, and a true accounting of the brutalities committed in the name of this “religion of peace.” Even more importantly, you will learn how to share the good news of the Gospel with your Muslim neighbors through an effective witness and loving responses, introducing them to the God of grace and peace, and faith in Jesus Christ.


About the Author
Ed Decker is the International Director of Saints Alive in Jesus, a ministry that actively brings the gospel of grace to those lost in the darkness of cultic bondage.  Ed is a former Mormon who spent twenty years of his adult life as a member of the LDS church before becoming a Christian.  He is the author of numerous books, including The Godmakers, Fast Facts on False Teachings, and To Moroni With Love. Learn more at



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