COLOR ME HOLY by Hubert P. Harriman & Barry Callen (Kindle/mobi)

COLOR ME HOLY by Hubert P. Harriman & Barry Callen (Kindle/mobi)
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Color Me Holy helps us refocus on the foundation of the Christian faith – the holiness of God. Rediscovering God's holiness is core to living out the truth of God's word. Callen and Harriman issue a corrective word to the body of Christ. Our walk must match our talk! We are being called to more than head knowledge, but to a life lived with focus on God's holiness, the only way to ever find our own.

"A masterful job of offering sensible advice designed to put modern disciples of Jesus back on the holiness path. It rests on the premise that holiness is God’s nature and desire for all true disciples. It is for everyone responding to God’s command, 'Be ye holy, for I am holy.'"

—Blake J. Neff, Lecturer in Communication,
Indiana Wesleyan University, Indiana


Hubert P. Harriman: Born in Bolivia of missionary parents and later serving as a pastor and church leader in Argentina and the United States, Dr. Harriman serves as president of  World Gospel Mission.

Barry Callen: Longtime dean and faculty member of Anderson University and editor of the Wesleyan Theological Journal, Dr. Callen is editor of Aldersgate Press and Corporate Secretary of Horizon International.


Kindle, BW, 138 Pages

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