THE RIPPLE EFFECT by Robert Jackman (Kindle/mobi)

THE RIPPLE EFFECT by Robert Jackman (Kindle/mobi)
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Foreword by Brian Haynes

The goal of parenting is not to raise perfect children, but to point them to a perfect God!"

Never before has a book captured such simple, yet heart-provoking ideas on raising children through God's own example. In The Ripple Effect, Robert Jackman illuminates five parenting practices that can easily be woven into the fabric of everyday life. These practices referred to as "ripple effects," leave readers with a truly fresh, yet timeless approach to positively impacting the heart of a child.

The Ripple Effects include:

• Loving Your Spouse
• Bragging Out Loud
• Playing Hooky
• Telling Good Third-Party Stories
• Admitting When We Get It Wrong

Readers will love this book as it is a quick read, is Bible-based, and motivates through personal story and practical application. Whether you are an expecting parent, a parent with small children or teens, a grandparent, or simply a mentor to other young people, this book is for you!


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