HOLY GUACAMOLE by Dan & Denise Harmer (eBOOK - iPad/ePub)

Holy Guacamole
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Nestled along San Diego's coast, the former romantic getaway of the silver screen's most notorious lovers is now the sizzling hacienda of Bonnie Miller's culinary boot camp. "If you are what you eat, make it hot, spicy and irresistible," is her motto, and this queen of Southwestern cuisine enjoys quite a savory life; success, fame, and a reputation for the finest palate west of Barcelona. That is, until a pot-rattling bang causes Trace Domingo, a washed-up sports writer, to crash into her life. His arrival turns up the heat at the culinary boot camp as Bonnie discovers in life's recipe book, it is not the spices which add the most flavor, but how truly hungry you are.

Dan and Denise enjoy living in Southern California’s “Avocado Capital of the World” where they maintain a
laid-back lifestyle as they run a cabinet shop, raise four children, and tend a small ranch. Okay, maybe it does get a little hectic.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book go to support the ministry of Outside the Bowl.

BW, 284 pages

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